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Always professional support whenever you need it

Together we draw up a medical care plan that perfectly suits the needs of your business. Will contractual GP care be enough for your business, or will you also require medical assistance for medical examinations and vaccinations? With a personal A&E care subscription you can always rely on proper medical support at the right moment: when you need it.

Always easy access to specialist care

Aboard ship, on construction sites and even abroad, you can rely on our medical support. Also, you enjoy priority service in the event of an industrial calamity, and complete medical support. From A&E care to professional aftercare, we offer full medical care services for your business!

Always an adequate answer to your medical question

Your wish is our command… That is the philosophy behind our unique A&E care subscription service. The continuity of your business operations is our first priority. Whatever your location, we provide the worldwide medical support your business needs. For instance, in the event of disease or accident we take care of the repatriation of employees to their home country for you. Also, we offer customized courses and workshops on relevant medical issues, e.g. safety on board and safe, hygienic life and work in the tropics.

Are you looking for a flexible medical partner? Discover the many advantages of our A&E care subscription service and make an appointment.

Your reasons for choosing Port Health Centre:

  • Medical support on any location you wish
  • Extensive care network for maximum efficiency
  • 24/7 availability of specialist care
  • Medical support from accident through to aftercare
  • Priority service in the event of a calamity
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GP care emergency line

T +31 (0)10 - 2 411 110

A&E care 24/7

T +31 (0)181 - 215 888


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